“Thank you so much for the adorable Joshua chocolate cigars! We so appreciate your thoughtfulness!!”  Xo
Christie Lynn Smith from Showtime Weeds and CBS NCIS
“I took my (Chocolate Dipped) strawberries to work and my coworker tried one and said he has to have his own!” Mary W.
“My cake pops are sooo pretty, I don’t want to eat them, but I did and they are delicious!”  Ayannah K.
“We tore those apples up! Thanks! He loved them!” Sam B.
“These (Cake Pops) are really good! I want to order some now!” Megan M.
“I don’t like my chocolate shoe, I LOVE IT!” Crystal M.
“I’m so sad! I only have two Chocolate Dipped Pineapples left!” Madison C.
“Oh my goodness! I need another one (Cake Pop) right now!”  Angela M.
“I don’t want to share!”  Jessica C.
“Ummm, these are so good!” Stephanie B.
“The lemon ones (Cake Pops) are the bomb!”  Toni S.
“Those apple bites are goooood :)” Charlene B.
“He said they are  (Chocolate Dipped Apples) so addictive.” Ashley E.
“I tasted your apples at an event I was at and I really liked them.” Barbara G.
“I didn’t want to share my Chocolate Dipped Apples or Strawberries at all.” Tiffany J.
“This cake is so amazing!” Nichole G.
“You captured exactly what I envisioned! I love it!” Chantae’ W.